Regulation and Policy


New Model Today is an International Contest to achieve a great career. The target are girls who have a flair for fashion model profession or model photographers profession.

The candidates are chosen through international fashion competitions organized all around the world.

Article 1 – Requirements
To take part as candidate, you need to respect the following requirements:

– No commitments to contract oncoming or occurring in the same period of participation; no concurrent participation to others contests;
– you have to be blameless and never been involved in breaking of the common moral sense code;
– age between 14 and 23 years old;
– size between 38 and 42;
– minimum height 1,70;
– photogenic physiognomy;
– posture;
– well-proportioned body;
– no beauty flaws (cellulite or stretch marks);

For underage contestants, a parent or tutor legal authorization is required.

Article 2 – Competitions
Castings and competitions will take place during regional, provincial or urban events and they could be organized by collaborators regularly authorized by the contest President or his delegate.
Authorized delegates will share the official regulation with the candidates and they will have to respect the following rules:

a) joining casting and competitions is always free of charge. Each candidate has to fill entirely and submit an application form;
b) each delegate will verify the age of any candidate through an ID card and also any other requirement itemized by the first article;
c) a number will be assigned to each candidate;
d) the candidates will be presented to a local jury, specifying name, surname and number assigned. The numbers will have to be clearly visible during the show on the catwalk and during the prize-giving;
e) underage candidates’ authorizations must be verified, as well as the identity of parents or delegates;
f) all deserving candidates can be admitted at the local final event by the regional collaborators of New Model Today. Besides the winners of the local competitions, one or more girls at the top of the placing can take part in the National or International Final. The definitive decision will be taken at the President’s discretion or his delegates’.

Article 3 – Other rules
The President of the contest will decide jury members. The jury decisions are unchallengeable.
Final and pre-final (if scheduled) candidates, will reach the city of the event at themselves own expense after confirming participation to the National Admission Office of the contest, by mail or fax. During the event, the candidates will be guests of the organization, which will attend to room and board.
Parents, companions, friends and people related to the candidates have to arrange for transportation, room and board at themselves own expense. It is forbidden, in any case, to follow the candidates during trainings for final and pre-final shows. Each candidate will receive two free entrance tickets for the National and International Final show.
It’s strictly forbidden the presence of parents, sons, companions, friends and people related to the candidates in prospect of the final and pre-final (if scheduled) shows.
Candidates must respect colleagues, related professionals, reporters, jury members and all the technical and organizational staff.
The Organization can exclude the candidates which assume prejudical conduct to the image of the competition.
The Organization will not be responsible in any way against competitors in case of cancellation and / or postponement of the competition.

Regional collaborators will inform the candidates about National and International pre-final and final date entry, at least 15 days before the events.
No girl winning the contest in a previous season of New Model Today, can be a candidate again.

Article 4 – Prizes 
Prizes planned for the competition:

– New Model Today (first prize);
– Best Fashion Model Prize;
– Prize for Deportment;
– Prize for Beauty;
– Prize for Beachwear;
– “New Face for TV shows”;
– “New Face for Movies”.

Other prizes can be instituted by the President of the contest or his delegates. Online voting can be used to establish special prizes.
The Official Regulation can be modified by the Organization without notice.